Limitless Rankings: January 23, 2019

EDITOR’S NOTE: These rankings were submitted just before Victor Oladipo’s unfortunate injury. We’ll see where the Pacers end up on the next edition of the Limitless Rankings.

There are amazing story lines throughout the NBA every week, and we would like to offer you a chance to see the league through our eyes. We are going to start writing weekly articles to go with our weekly podcasts.

We understand that not everyone can take a full hour to listen to a podcast (although technically you could break it up into 10 minutes each day and take Sundays off, but hey, we aren’t here to tell you how to live your life).

The point is, if you are more of an article fan than a podcast listener we want to give you that option. In this week’s article, we are going to give you our first ever
Limitless Range NBA Power Rankings:

We are a little over halfway through the NBA season now. We have seen what LeBron looks like in the purple and gold, we have seen the Raptors already give Kawhi 12 paid days off, Jokic is not a joke, Harden can score a few points, and Cousins playing for the Warriors is not fake news!

Record: 32-14  Last 10 Games: 9-1

1 - Golden State Warriors
Record: 32-14
Last 10 Games: 9-1

After Kevin Durant and Draymond Green created some bay area drama, the NBA community had the buzz we all needed. Are the Warriors falling apart? Can Kawhi really shut down Durant? Even better, LeBron handed them a Christmas Day smack down. The Warriors are now on a tear, 9-1 in their last ten games, and even more outrageous Demarcus Cousins playing for the back to back champions is not just a nightmare. The Golden State Warriors are now starting five NBA All Stars! Barring any major injuries, this team will be very tough to overtake at the top of our rankings. 

Record: 35-13  Last 10 Games: 8-2

2 - Toronto Raptors
Record: 35-13
Last 10 Games: 8-2

Kawhi Leonard is having a career year, his defensive presence in primetime games has created that buzz we spoke of. Can this team not only make it to the finals, but take out the champs? All eyes being on Kawhi to start the season, it seems like people forgot how big of a piece Danny Green is. To win a championship you must have a lot of depth, this team has exactly that. When you can give your MVP candidate 12 days paid vacation and still come out 10-2 in those games, you are the definition of deep. 


3 - Milwaukee Bucks
Record: 34-12
Last 10 Games: 8-2

The Bucks currently lead the NBA in net rating and point differential. A major contributor to this is the fact they have the most efficient defensive team in the league. They have one of the top MVP candidates on their roster - we don’t expect the Greek Freak to slow down anytime soon. Surrounding him is a point guard in Bledsoe who is finally staying healthy, an efficient shooting guard in Brogdon, Middleton and Lopez that can both stretch the floor nicely. A year after firing Head Coach Jason Kidd, this group looks right on track to make a playoff run. 


4 - Denver Nuggets
Record: 31-14
Last 10 Games: 7-3

This team should no longer be overlooked by anyone. They held the best record in the west for a while, and still sit in 2nd place in a stacked Western Conference. Nikola Jokic may not look athletic, but this kid can flat out play. In our latest podcast one of our cohosts named Jokic the best big in the game right now. The scary thing about this group, is the fact we haven’t even seen them be completely healthy. Will Barton, Paul Millsap, and Gary Harris have all missed significant time this year. Get their entire group healthy and we could see some Western Conference Finals games played in the mile-high city. 


5 - Philadelphia 76ers
Record: 31-17
Last 10 games: 7-3

We trusted the process, and Philly fans have a team they can certainly be excited about. They made a trade for another star, and they landed their target in Jimmy Butler. That should be enough to at least win the East, right? Not so fast, we have recently heard some complaining from both Embiid and Butler about their roles in the offense. The big problem we see with this group is their lack of shooters. If they can land a shooter before the trade deadline and find their roles, this team is one of the most dangerous groups in the NBA. 


6 - Indiana Pacers
Record: 31-15
Last 10 games: 7-3

Fantasy owners of Victor Oladipo may be a little confused on his regression statistically from last season. Vic is doing a more important job than winning us fantasy games, he’s helping the Pacers win actual games. How is he doing this when his stats are down you may ask? Well, Vic is grabbing a ton of attention when he has the ball. These double and even triple teams are allowing him to create a lot of opportunities for his teammates. The Pacers are currently sitting 15 games above .500 and we certainly didn’t predict this. 


7 - Oklahoma City Thunder
Record: 29-18
Last 10 Games: 5-5

We were all shocked to see Paul George announce he was staying in Oklahoma City, maybe he knew something we didn’t. Westbrook has shown some growth and allowed Paul to shine as a star for this team. Russell is shooting 1 less shot per game and averaging 5 points less. On the flip side Paul George is averaging 3 more shot attempts and 5 more points per game. Combine these two stars meshing better than ever, with one of the strongest big men in the league in Steven Adams, we believe 7th on the list is right where they belong. 


8 - Boston Celtics
Record: 29-18
Last 10 Games: 7-3

Gordon Hayward is back and healthy, Kyrie is apologizing to LeBron, and no one should be forgetting how deep this squad is. They have been struggling a little bit this year compared to our standards, but we still pick them to win the East. They have one of the best young kids in the game by the name of Jason Tatum, Al Horford is that veteran presence that just does his job, and they have arguably the second-best coach in the league behind Pop. This team lost Kyrie and Hayward last season and still made it to game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. They may be sitting in the 8 spot in our rankings but they are still one of the major contenders this year. 


9 - Portland Trail Blazers
Record: 29-20
Last 10 Games: 7-3

Damian Lillard has not missed a step from his All NBA Team season last year. The pick n roll with Nurkic has become a thing of beauty, as Nurkic is having himself a career stretch over the last month. Jake Layman has really been showing off some confidence this season, as he gets mixed in and out of the starting lineup. These Blazers once again see themselves in the top 4 of the Western Conference. Unfortunately, for this group to be successful come post season, Dame time is going to have to shine brighter than we’ve ever seen before. 


10 - Houston Rockets
Record: 26-20
Last 10 Games: 5-5

This one isn’t going to take us long. JAMES HARDEN!!!!

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