The NBA's Most Underpaid Players


The NBA’s Most Underpaid Players

By Dan Morris

Point Guards

Derrick Rose - $2.3M

Age: 30

Stats: 18.6 ppg / 4.7 apg / 2.8 rpg / 48 FG% / 41.7 3pt %

After all those heartbreaking injuries, Rose has reinvigorated his career in Minnesota. The timing of Rose’s play is great for him, as he is set to become a free agent this summer.

Malcolm Brogdon - $1.5M

2019-2020 Salary: $3M

Age: 26

Stats: 15.7 ppg / 4.5 rpg / 3.3 apg / 51.8 FG% / 42.3 3pt% / *96.1 Ft%*

The Bucks hit the lottery by finding this gem in the second round. Brogdon still won’t be a free agent until the summer of 2020 — and even then he will only be a restricted free agent, so the Bucks can match any offer given to Brogdon. Look at that free throw shooting!

Shooting Guards

Devin Booker - $3.3M

2019-2020: 5 year/ $158M kicks in, starting with a cool $27.2M in year one

Age: 22

Stats: 24.6 ppg / 3.6 rpg / 6.7 apg / 45.2 Fg% / 32.0 3pt%

Booker is wrapping up his rookie contract this season and moving into a much deserved max extension. If you put both the rookie contract and extension together, the Suns will have paid Booker on average $18.6M per year, which in today's NBA is a bargain. Booker will only be 27 when he becomes a free agent again — and that would likely put him in line for another max contract, if he continues to play at such a high level.

Corey Brewer - $135,248

Age: 32

Stats: (5 games) 9 ppg / 3 rpg / 2.2 spg

Brewer is in the midst of his second 10-day contract with the Sixers. In my estimation, his play is clearly on track to earn him a contract for the rest of the season. Brewer is exactly the kind of veteran presence a championship contender needs.

Small Forwards

Jake Layman - $1.5M

2019-2020: $1.9M

Age: 24

Stats per 36: 15.7 ppg / 5.9 rpg / 1 spg / 0.7 bpg / 53.1 FG% / 35.4 3pt%

He’s everything that Chandler Parsons should be, but costs $90M less. Layman fills it up for this Western Conference powerhouse’s bench unit (you're welcome, Corey). Layman's monster dunks ignite the rabid fans at the Moda Center. Layman also has the ability to stretch the floor, which allows the Blazers’ dynamic backcourt to go to work in the paint. While Layman has registered 25 starts this season, he is only getting about 16.5 minutes per game. Expect that number to go up as he grows into a more important role for a spectacular-amazing-underrated-slept on-phenomenal-extraordinary Portland ball club.*

*The views expressed in the preceding paragraph are not wholly representative of the views of the producers, co-hosts, or the Limitless Range Podcast. See show for details.

Michael Beasley - $3.5M

Age: 30

Stats per 36: 26.7 ppg / 7 rpg / 1.2 spg / 1.2 bpg / 54.5 FG% / 20 3p% / [Only 10.2 mpg]

Soooooooooooo many small forwards are vastly overpaid — why isn’t Beasley? I know he only gets ten minutes per game, but damn is he showing out in those minutes.

Power Forwards

John Collins - $2.2 M

2019-2020: $2.6M

2020-2021: $4.1M

2021-2022: $5.8

Age: 21

Stats: 19.3 ppg / 10.3 rpg / 59.1 FG% / 37.5 3pt% (nearly 1 made per game)

Collins is my favorite underpaid player on this list. Wow. The Hawks have control of the young star for three more years after this season, and then he will be a restricted free agent. Wow, wow, wow, a thousand times, WOW.

Kyle Kuzma - $1.6M

2019-2020: $1.9M

2020-2021: $3.5M

2021-2022: $5.2M

Age: 23

Stats: 19.1 ppg / 5.9 rpg / 2.5 apg / 46.6 FG% / 30.3 3pt%

Wow, these later picks are fantastic deals. Just like with John Collins, this is a great contract, and Kuzma will also be a restricted free agent come Summer of 2022.


Myles Turner - $3.4M

Age: 22

Stats: 12.8 ppg / 7.4 rpg / 2.81 bpg / 50.1 FG% / 40 3pt%

This will be the last year Turner plays on the cheap, as his 4-year, $80 million dollar extension is set to kick in. The money is well deserved, though, as it’s difficult to find a guy who blocks over 2 shots a game and shoots that efficiently from beyond the arc.

Brook Lopez - $3.3M

Age: 30

Stats: 12 ppg / 4 rpg / 2.1 bpg / 44.6 FG% / 38.3 3pt%

Arguing this contract is a bargain is especially true if you consider that Brook made $22.6M last year for the Lakers — and he’s arguably having a better year this season. A poor man's Myles Turner, Lopez is finally in a place where is lack of rebounding doesn't kill his team: the Greek Freak is averaging 12.6 rebounds per game, and all of Milwaukee’s main guards (Brogan, Bledsoe and Middleton) get over four per game as well.

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